Dress Code / Uniform

School Dress

(Based on District Code of Conduct Student Dress Code )

The purpose of the dress code is to encourage students to focus on the learning process without distractions. It is expected that students maintain a clean and orderly appearance at all times.

Tennis shoes must be worn at PE
No high heeled shoes, cleats, flip flops, or shoes without heel straps

T-shirts, collared shirts, button-down shirts, and school spirit shirts are permitted
No tank tops

Pants must be worn at the waistline
Shorts must be fingertip length or longer
Leggings are not acceptable unless worn under a dress/skirt

Fingertip length or longer or just above the knee
No slits above the knee
Shorts under skirts are recommended
No backless dresses or spaghetti strap dresses

Jackets must have a zippered or button front which is left open during school hours
Hoods may not be worn up during school hours

Acrylic fingernails are not permitted

Hair and Head Wear:
Student hair color is limited to any naturally occurring color. Extreme, distracting hairstyles are not allowed.