Dismissal Procedures

Parent Drop-off (7:25 am-7:55 am)
and Pick-up (2:10 pm-2:30 pm) 

To promote safe and prompt movement of students, staff and visitors, we ask that you please follow these guidelines:

• The speed limit on campus is 5 MPH.

• Display the provided Parent Pick up sign in your front window.

• To help our parents dropping off their child to the Before School Program, cars are not allowed to park in front of the school for regular parent drop off until 7:25 am.

• Parents who are dropping students off in the morning should use the outside lane around the staff parking lot and stop near the flagpoles to discharge children. Do not park in this area to bring your child into school as this will impede the flow of traffic for other parents who are dropping students off. If you must come into the building, please park in one of the designated visitor spots and use the crosswalks.

• There is NO STUDENT DROP-OFF in the parking area. It is extremely dangerous to allow students to walk across the parking area unattended by a parent or guardian. Please drop off only in the designated area.

• Parents who are picking up students in the afternoon before dismissal may park in any of the paved, designated parking spaces. Lanes must be kept open for emergency vehicles (fire and ambulance), so please do not double park. When parking in the visitor spaces in front of the building, please cross only at the designated crosswalk. Parents must always escort their children to and from parked vehicles.
The hallways by the office must be kept open and free from baby strollers for classes being dismissed. Parents should not meet their children in the hallway or at their classrooms.

• If a student needs an early dismissal sign out, please plan to pick your student up from the front office no later than 1:30 pm. In order to allow our dismissal process to operate smoothly, we are unable to proceed with early dismissal sign out after 1:30 pm.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

• We request that parents who are picking up students in the afternoon remain in their vehicles and drive through the parent pick-up line. We ask that you stay in your car in line unless there is an emergency. In that case, please park your car in one of the designated visitor parking spots.

• Parents are not to use the Bus Ramp area to drop off or pick up their children. This includes the area to the right and left of the ramp. It is against County Ordinance to park across a sidewalk, and violators may receive a ticket.
Rainy Day Dismissal for Walkers and Bikers
During rainy days if your child is a walker/biker, he/she will become parent pick-up. You will come through the Parent Pick-Up line and display your child’s PPU card in your window. Your child will be called to the PPU area.
Alternatively, you may walk up and meet your child at the south gate leading to the Art room facing Trailwinds Dr. Having the PPU sign will aid in the process.
Your child’s safety is always our primary concern. Thank you for your cooperation.

School Closing
The School District of Lee County will always consider student and staff safety of primary importance when making a decision to close school when severe weather threatens. Unless there is a clear threat of danger, the decision to close school will be made around 4:00 a.m. and announced through local media morning news, and via NOAA Weather Alert Radios. Parents and staff should listen to local media beginning at 5:00 a.m. for the latest information pertaining to school closing during severe weather months.