AR Home Connect

Dear Parent or Guardian: 

Your child uses a software program at school called Renaissance. This program has a special feature called Home Connect which can be accessed outside of school from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Home Connect allows you to view information about your child’s progress in AR. It also allows you to sign up to receive email notifications when your child completes an AR assessment or AR-related activity. 

You can log in to Home Connect from any computer with an Internet Connection and compatible browser. For a list of compatible browsers, please click the link below.

To log in to Home Connect Website:

User Name:  Your child’s username is the same user name that he/she uses to log on his/her Chromebook. If your child does not know his/her username, please contact your child’s teacher.
Password: =seTa225 

If you have any questions, please contact Villas directly or reach out to your child’s teacher.

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