Join our mission!

Are you new to Villas? Maybe you're an alumni of Villas Elementary, or maybe you just have a desire to help others. Either way if you want to join our team to help the school where we send our precious little ones, get involved and join the PTA! We hold monthly meetings to discuss various ways to improve the Villas Elementary experience for not only our little ones, but also fellow parents and teachers.
Get involved and be a part of developing the future of our children. Send an email to: Kida, Jennifer [email protected] to join!

What does PTA do for our school and students at Villas Elementary?

 The Villas Elementary PTA's primary focus is to raise money to provide grade levels with bussing for field trips.  

 We do 2 Scholastic Book fairs per year as well as our annual Holiday Shop and a Fall Festival.  

 PTA is committed to supporting grade level teachers and administration in many ways throughout the school. Over the years we have purchased playground equipment and classroom supplies. 

Connecting Families and Schools