The Villas Elementary STEM Team will meet after school on Mondays from 2:20-3:30 beginning September 19, 2016.  The team will be comprised of twelve 5th grade students.  Students use the Engineering Design Process to solve problems in hands-on, engaging, project-based challenges that apply science and math in engineering.  The primary vision for the STEM Team project is to increase children’s knowledge of science content, math skills, problem solving skills, and apply these abilities using the Engineering Design Process.


Understandings include:    

  • ·         what engineers do and what technologies are
  • ·         various fields of engineering
  • ·         engineering problems have multiple solutions
  • ·         engineering and technologies are influenced by society
  • ·         positive and negative effects of technology

Skills include:

  • ·         applying the Engineering Design Process
  • ·         using science and math skills to solve problems
  • ·         being creative, to ‘think outside the box’
  • ·         work with others in a positive, cooperative manner
  • ·         troubleshoot and learn from failure
  • ·         understand how materials play a critical role in engineering solutions
  • ·         being able to see one’s own abilities as an engineer

     Project-based challenges come from a variety of resources, especially the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) curriculum developed at the Museum of Science in Boston.  Other resources include Discovery Education Curriculum online resources, National Geographic, Steve Spangler online investigations and books, and AIMS Education Foundation resources.  All project-based challenges are aligned with, and will build and enrich the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, as well as the National Science Education Standards.  

                To be on the STEM Team 5th grade students are required to complete the application form their teacher will give them.  These applications will be sent home on August 29, 2016.  The application requires the student to write an essay explaining why they want to be on the STEM Team.  Students that write quality essays will be considered for the team on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once the 12 spots on the team have been filled, additional students with qualifying essays will have their names on a wait list.  If one of the 12 spots should become available, a student from the wait list may be contacted.